Settlers of Highlands East

Mount Pleasant Cemetery



Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andrews, George E  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I8523
2 Andrews, James Alexander  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I8327
3 Baumhour, James  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I2721
4 Baumhour, Luke  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I6580
5 Baumhour, Rosetta  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I2559
6 Begg, Susie  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I5931
7 Bowen, James Andrew  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I154
8 Bowen, Martha  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I155
9 Boyce, William Alexander  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I914
10 Brethour, Pearl  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I8784
11 Chester, Mabel Sussana  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I8032
12 Comrie, John  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I6213
13 Coones, Bruce  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I11158
14 Hamlin, Ernest Wellington  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I8031
15 Hannah, Benjamin Edward or James Edward  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I7335
16 Kelly, Robert Henry  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I2586
17 Lake, Jennie D  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I2568
18 Martin, Whitney L  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I9295
19 McGillivray, Catherine  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I700
20 Miller, Ruth Agnes  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I9423
21 Mountney, Cornelius  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I7325
22 Pollard, Jacob Herman  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I1504
23 Soules, George Guy  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I3613
24 Sweet, Hazel Joyce  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I2733
25 Topley, Violet  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I3662
26 Traviss, Mable Victoria  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I1347
27 Trewin, Ruth E  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I3154
28 Vader, Scott  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I668
29 Vance, Albert McKinnon  Mount Pleasant Cemetery I4448